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WGA equine department has key elements in place to provide many exciting and unique activities that can help with a wide variety of issues and challenges facing our young the same time teaching relevant and employable job skills.

Equine Team. 2013 saw the debut of the first WGA Equine Teams. In May, the Empire Team competed in Syracuse and in August, the Silver Spur Team went to Hamburg NY.           Equine Team


In 2013 the WGA Equine department aptly demonstrated what can be achieved through the use of an engaging and fun learning environment by fielding two Sport Horse In Hand teams that competed very successfully at Class A Arabian horse shows.

           Equine Vocational Class

Qualified students can earn High School credits in our Equine Vocational classes.

Horse Club...there is so much more to "Horse Culture" than riding. Just being around them makes people feel good and better about themselves and this is reflected in art and literature through out the ages! Horse club is a great way to learn about art, literature and history through man's journey with the horse!        Recreational Riding


The opportunity to ride as a recreational activity is an option for all residents.

Equine Assisted Learning      Everthing is more fun with a "study buddy" and a four legged buddy is the best kind ever! Horses can make geometry come alive!     Horse Club


The fascinating thing about horses, is that there are so many ways to enjoy them. From the ancient cave paintings of Lascaux to the Denver Bronco's mascot, horses continue to inspire us. The Horse Club is a chance to explore the horse in art, history, literature and cultures around the world.

Equine Assisted Therapy           Equine Assisted Therapies

Equine assisted learning and behavorial therapy are two modalities we hope to devlelop in the future.

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